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Dartmoor Revolt Cassette 135x10

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Revolt Cassette

As the name suggests it is the cheaper version of the Revolt Pro series. The hub is all the same accept for the engagement setup, this version has 24 engagement points, 6 pawls with a single spring and 4 bearings sealed in the aluminium body. This one is using a classic engagement design but still uses 7075 aluminium for the inner axle, cassette body and push-in cones.

It is coming in two different standards - 135x10mm female version with 3/8” Cr-Mo hollow bolts and 135x12mm version to use with a 12mm through axles - perfectly fitting our new Hornet 2014, Hornet 4X and Wish 2014 frames. Furthermore 135x12mm version can be easily converted to 142x12mm standard - all you need is the set of longer cones that will be available separately.

Revolt Cassette hubs are affordable products and one of the best in their class with only 278g in 135x12mm. Perfect for those who do not
need the best drive transmission technology but still want to have a reliable friend spinning inside of their wheels!



Hub-shell: alu 6061-T6.
Axle: hard anodized alu 7075-T6.
Bolts: hollow Cr-Mo 3/8”x24T, heat-treated for 17mm wrench or 8mm Allen key (only in 135x10mm female option).
Cones: alu 7075-T6, push-in (both sides).
Bearings: 4 precision sealed bearings (x2 in cassette, x2 in hub shell).
Cassette: alu 7075-T6 (necessary to use freewheel with alu spider), 9/10 speed.
Pawls: 6 pawls with a single spring.
Engagement pointsL 24.
Holes: 32H.
Weight: 279g (135x12mm), 352g (135x10mm).


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